DocFind is a mobile app that allows patients to quickly find a nearby doctor and schedule an appointments.


Figma, Adobe Colour Wheel, Illustrator

My role

End-to-end UX/UI designer​


1-2 weeks


Finding the right doctor and making an appointment is time consuming and frustrating for the patient. The waiting times are long and unsafe for the health.


DocFind is an app that helps users find a doctor easily, read reviews of other patients and learn more about the doctor’s experience which make them more confident with their choice. They can make an appointment easily in convenient for them time from anywhere which saves them time and stress.

The goal

The main project goal is to give users a more smooth and intuitive experience and obtain all their needs by the services offered. DocFind is an app that has simplified finding a doctor specialising is certain area and making an appointment easily from anywhere.

Saving time

People need an app that can save them time finding a doctor and wait in lines in front of the doctor’s office.


The entire process is organised through innovative solutions that simplify the process in real life.


Users need a good, reliable app to create a better and healthier life for them.


I considered the goal of the app that is to encourage people to be more responsible about their health and reduce the stress of finding the right doctor and booking an appointment, to create branding and a simple UI kit.


The logo was designed to mimic that process of finding a doctor as the main goal of the DocFind app is to help users make an appointments easily.


The colour palette uses blue and green for a calm and safe feeling as harmony is a central theme for DocFind.


The font – Lato was chosen, because it is neutral, yet friendly, trustworthy, and approachable.


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